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A Greek raised in Canada who bounced back to the motherland to continue his story and follow his dream… that’s me. We all have dreams and what I do is documenting the dreams of couples from all over the globe by capturing their special stories. I am drawn to simple yet sincere moments, and I am fascinated by the stories these moments create.

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About The Story

For me, photography is all about telling stories. From our early years, our loved ones whisper sweet soothing stories to comfort us. As a human race we learn by stories and so our cultures and traditions are continued. The value of each story lives within our hearts, ready for us to pass on to tomorrow’s world. I live for telling your special story.


Nice Words

Anna and Nikos

Yiannis brings a kind of magic you won’t find elsewhere. He’s an artist, capturing the organic truth in every moment, and that is not an overstatement. His pictures truly speak for themselves. While Nikos and I sought Yiannis out for his beautiful shots, In the end we were gifted with his utterly warm, wise and grounding presence on an otherwise joyously crazy day! He is ‘salt of the earth,’ kind and open-hearted with all he meets. Two years later my friends and family are still talking about our amazing photographer. I really can’t imagine our wedding without him. We are forever grateful to Yiannis for making our day so special and for the gorgeous memories that will last us a lifetime. All our big love.
Anastasia and Nikos

Susanna and Falk

We were more than happy that Yiannis joined our wedding. He was not only taking incredibly beautiful pictures, but really captured our emotions during the celebration by being very close and empathizing. When looking at the pictures now we can still see emotions, hidden gestures and special moments that we partially didn´t even realize within all the wedding hustle.
With his calm, empathic and caring nature Yiannis contributed to our wedding way more than “only” as a photographer. We felt secure with him around us the very first moment he entered our garden.

Daphne and Ben

“A colourful sunset, a beautiful landscape or a couple posing for a photo – with minimal skill most professional photographers would be able to capture these with relative success.
Yiannis though… Yiannis is able to photograph emotion, atmosphere and real moments. The love, the feelings, the yearning, the longing, the parents’ sense of bliss and the friends’ excitement, the love deep in the eyes of the couple and the mischief in the gaze of best friends, the charged and powerful atmosphere of the day but also the loosening up, the relief and everyone’s exhilaration at the party.
Claude Monet is said to be the painter of light, as someone who was able to illustrate the movement of light in his paintings. Yiannis in his turn is the photographer of emotions, sentiment and feelings. No matter how I try I cannot seem to find another one that can so successfully capture through their lens something as intangible and grandiose as an emotion. After our experience with Yiannis, we consider him part of our family, anything less would be an understatement compared to what he has offered us.”

Palak and Stam

From the moment that we came across Yiannis’ work, we knew that it was something special and unique. Through his photography, he is able to tell a story and capture the energy and love of the events taking place, and then transport you to that time as though you are there. Every minute we experienced with Yiannis throughout the days of our wedding was special – he was there not only as our photographer, but he became part of our family and our story. His energy, his guidance, his care…he was there with us every step of the way, but always working his magic in the background. All we have now are wonderful memories, but we are so lucky that Yiannis captured these for us through his beautiful photos that we will cherish forever. Thank you for everything, you exceeded our every expectation. With love, Palak and Stamatis

Zeena and Johny

My wife and I had two special outcomes after having Yiannis spend time photographing our wedding in Santorini. A wonderful set of memories…..and a special friend who will have a place in our hearts for ever. A creative and sensitive individual with an exceptional talent for capturing moments you will never forget. A true gentleman and a superb photographer.

Anysia and Nik

Yiannis is a true artist. He does what so few people can do: he captures in an image a moment full of emotion and preserves the motion felt and seen in real life. He can do this because his heart is good and discerning. This is also the quality that makes him a wonderful person and someone who you just enjoy being with. His talent with a camera and lens is obvious to anyone from his pictures. What everyone should know is the quality of Yiannis’ heart and warmth as a person. Having Yiannis as the photographer who preserved the moments of our wedding was one of the greatest joys of our life.

Margarita and Chrispin

I really don’t know how to write everything I want in a simple mail to thank you for what you did for us, but I can tell you this: we consider you a very special person and it is an honour for us to be your friends.
I don’t think we could have chosen a more talented photographer, a true artist able to capture all our unique moments. Your work is magical and proves how charismatic you are. Even one third of your final result would be close to perfection!
Dear Yannis, I really hope all our friends can be as lucky as we were to select you as our wedding photographer.
Words are too poor to express our feelings.
We live our precious moments again through your pictures and we thank you for this.
Through them, you will be travelling with us and our friends. And I hope we meet again soon!

Rozy and Simos

I don’t know if I can find the right words to express how we feel, but we have very warm feelings towards you.
In the beautiful memory of our wedding you are always there… as you were in all the discussions we had about that big day… And we would like to thank you not only for the wonderful photographic material that you gave us but also for being so nice and kind… and so crazy as well – a little dose of craziness is always welcome, let’s not forget this!
We have actually met very few times… and yet we feel so close to you… as a friend. We really do!

Biby and Michel

They say pictures are worth a thousand words, right? Like every bride and groom, we were on the hunt for the one person that could memorialize our special day in photos that would last a lifetime. We wanted someone that would give soul and energy to our photos. We had the honor of having Yiannis Alefantou be the photographer of our destination wedding in Costa Navarino Greece. Yiannis and his team member Panagiotis talent + creativity are visible in every single one of the 2,000 + pictures that were taken throughout our three day wedding celebration. His ability to capture real life moments and personalities in a snap shot is incredible. It’s amazing how quickly he was able to make us feel at ease, and every wedding couple knows how awkward photos can be if you don’t have a great photographer to help guide you. He is so full of positive energy and didn’t just stand on the side taking pictures… he became part of the party. This allowed him to capture moments that tell the exciting story of our whole wedding. A memory we can now enjoy and relive through his amazing pictures and videos. I can’t thank Yiannis and his team enough for all they did for us. We are so blessed they were able to be a part of our wedding. We hope one day we’ll have the pleasure of him attending our baby shower and more!

Juliana and Marcus

I remember when I started planning my wedding, one of the first things my mom told me was: “make sure you have the best photographer, this person will be responsible to save the memories of your big day, and these memories will last forever”. And I am really glad I heard her. Yiannis couldn’t be more perfect, he was simply the best fit we could get to our wedding. He was there from the beginning until the end, always so kind, with a big smile, and was able to make us feel comfortable the entire time. The result was simply amazing, he captured our best moments, all the love, the fun and all the incredible time we shared together with our family and friends. I would (and I already do) recommend his work to everyone, you won’t be disappointed. Yiannis, wish you all the very best and lots of success!! With love, Juliana and Marcus.

“The place where you choose to get married will always mean so much for you, it will hold the unforgettable memories from your magical day and whenever you return there, it will forever be *yours, only*. Choose the destination that warms your heart and makes you smile, to create your most unique memory there, shared with the faces of the people you love.” words by Daphne and Ben