Alice and Dante / Kefalonia


Guys… i wanna to say thank you from the bottom of my heart… you made the experience amazing for me… I felt welcome since the first minute i found you in the island and you gave me all the love i need to tell your story… is not the time to deliver your full gallery and files… but for families as yours to be together in one spot is rare… and i do not know if your parents are still in Greece, but i did my best under the work i have these days to create a slide show from your first day with the moments from the boat party and the rehearsal night… I hope you will enjoy it and feel it… You are an amazing couple, i can easily call you friends, you have amazing friends… and families who loves you soooo much… and thank you for being awesome and authentic in front of my camera… follow this LINK for the slide show and ask from Alice and Dante to give you the password to enjoy it… thank you for everything…