Hello guys… is not that long since we were together in Crete, but from my experience, now that you are all back home and your mind is full of moments you all had while in Greece… I wanna to give you a glimpse, to take you back to those days, to make you happy and keep your hearts warm… so i made a short slide show…

Soon you will have your online gallery and your final slide shows, but for now, through these images you can get a feeling of the experience they all had next to you… You can share this page with your friends and family… You will have the password that will give entrance to your slide show

With your wedding you gave me the chance to work with vendors like Alexandros Iliakis who i can call a friend of mine and also you gave the chance to meet amazing new vendors that i will love to work with them in future weddings, Caroline and Annika from Weddings by moments are an amazing team to work with, and Agreco farms was a fairytale venue to shoot your wedding.

And also Vassia Papakonstantinou on hair and make up, she was amazing and lovely.


Thank you all, for the love and the hospitality… you gave me the chance to experience your wedding as one of you… and this means a lot for a storyteller